The ocean side city of Mackay in North Queensland has been undergoing rapid change and development in recent years. The inner city boasts three new venues. They have proven popular since their opening in November 2012. Mark Laffin, Managing Director of all three venues designed each to entice and entertain a diverse audience. JVG Sound Lighting and Visual was engaged to work with architects Brand and Slater assisting to implement a complete design and construct program. JVG installed a vast range of professional audio, lighting and security to suit the diverse needs of all three venues, whilst remaining within budget.

“Movidas”, the largest venue of the three, is essentially a nightclub / touring band room. Capable of entertaining over 1500 patrons simultaneously, the venue offers seven zones of entertainment including a large dance floor area, a lounge bar and multiple seating areas. The venue was designed to facilitate live touring bands and DJ acts and therefore required high-end sound reinforcement and A-grade lighting scenes to achieve superior sound quality, stage ambience and maximise room capacity.

Instead of using Line Arrays (due to low ceilings), JVG Sound Lighting and Visual installed a complete stereo ‘front-of-house’ sound system including J Audio V15i mid high bi-amped boxes, J Audio V218S double 18” subwoofers installed under the stage, J Audio SV10i 2-way speakers installed for stereo DJ ‘fold back’, while J Audio V10i speakers were used for the delay ‘room fill’. J Audio SV8i speakers were fitted throughout the venue to accommodate the sound requirements in the VIP area, bar, restrooms, walkways and lounge area. J Audio digital DA4-1300D 4-channel and J Audio DA2-1800D 2-channel digital amplifiers were installed alongside Bose ESP88 16×16 DSP matrix processing units for stronger processing power. Kramer 16×16 Video Switchers and Crestron CP2E and MC3 equipment were used as the main control processor and enables automated control of all Dynalite lighting, video switcher and Bose ESP88 equipment.

The stage area is a visual delight when the mass of intelligent lighting is in use. In this area, JVG Sound Lighting and Visual installed 4 x J Lighting JL108 RGBW stage washes, 10 x J Lighting JL120 LED 120 watt Spots, 4 x Pixel Map LED Bars and RGB lasers. These are all controlled with ease using ECUE Software on Ezi Control 22” Touch Screens running X Panel, ECUE and Laser software. JVG Sound Lighting and Visual also fitted architectural lighting using products from J Lighting’s DT Architectural Lighting range including the versatile J Lighting RGB Tape and DT L4 4-channel DMX transformers. All J Lighting RGB, WW and PW9 watt down lights use DMX protocol, enabling complete colour mixing control. Four Control Gadget DMX boxes are used to control all room lighting.

“Rabbit Hole”, the second of the three venues, was designed to target a younger crowd hence the ‘grunge’ and concrete used in the venue’s design. JVG Sound Lighting and Visual fitted professional audio and lighting to meet this venues requirement. 2 x J Audio SV10i 2-way speakers and J Audio SV18S single 18” sub woofers were installed in the dance floor area with another 2 x J Audio active 3-way JP18AB sub woofers using 4 x SV10i mid high cabinets each side of the main bar. 8 x J Audio SV206i 2-way wide dispersion speakers were used for further sound ‘room fill’. 4 x J Lighting JL120 LED Spots were fitted over the stage while J Lighting RGB Tape was fitted around the bar and liquor shelves to produce a ‘backlit’ effect. Waterproof RGB Tape was also placed around the cool room and is displayed through a glass panel. J Lighting RGB Tape installation enables complete control of colour mixing and light dimming in the venue. Lighting and sound variations are controlled by Bose and Crestron Control equipment which can be accessed via the Ezi Control 22” Touch Screens which are in all three venues.

“Dirty Martini”, the third venue of the development, is an elegant cocktail bar filled with warm white architectural light and modern seating. JVG Sound Lighting and Visual installed pro audio, architectural and stage lighting into the venue to assist in achieving this desired stylish ambience.

A range of J Audio SV8i, SV10i, 2-way speakers and SV15S sub woofers were installed throughout the venue to maintain quality ambience allowing patrons the ability to easily converse with background music playing. J Lighting RGB9 down lights were fitted around the small dance floor area to create a warm static glow, these down lights were also placed behind curtains to create an elegant ‘V’ lighting effect. J Lighting waterproof Warm White and RGB LED Tape was installed along the bar edge, booth seating and champagne shelving to create a backlit effect. All sound and lighting variations can be controlled using the Ezi Control 22” Touch Screens.

JVG Sound Lighting and Visual also installed 46” and 55” LED Screens in all three venues. These are for digital signage, advertising and entertainment purposes.

JVG “Security Division” also designed, installed and commissioned sixty-eight Pacom EVO day/night generation two, vandal proof dome CCTV cameras across all three venues, connected to Pacom 16-channel smart DVRs with 5TB of storage for up to 30 days. All are networked and interfaced by LAN iPad and iPhone app connectivity as well as internal network control allowing Management the ability to view at any time or record necessary footage. All cameras are real time and labelled with appropriate name and zone.

All three venues have already proven to be very popular, attracting a diverse range of patrons.
“Each of these Mackay venues offers something really different to the public.” Jade Golar, Managing Director of JVG Sound Lighting and Visual commented. “No matter what type of entertainment tourists or locals are seeking, they will now find it in Mackay’s City Centre. The patrons are very excited with the new entertainment technology JVG has brought to the city of Mackay.“